Phase 1 update

We are very excited to let you know that we’ve currently raised $369,110 and sit at 42% of our goal. Our goal for the new Swimming Pool and Pool Building is $875,000. We are thrilled and thankful for the support and generosity of the donations that we’ve received to date.

We made our goal of 40% before September 1st!

We made our first goal of 40% and have submitted our application for the possible matching grant.

Our next goals:

  • 50% ($437,500) There are a few foundations that require us to reach either 50% before we can apply for their funds.
  • $450,000 The amount we need to schedule and begin the ground work on the pool.

We are currently working on additional grant proposals and sharing the opportunity for other to help us work toward this important addition to HPRC. It is still our goal to have a new pool for the summer of 2015.

5 Square Feet for $185

We know this is a large project and every dollar is important & every square foot is important. So, we’ve broken the project down into 5 sq ft segments.  You can pay for 5 sq ft for $185. Together we can build the pool and the pool building 5 square feet at a time. We hope that you can find a way to support us and pay for 5 square feet for $185.


Donor Recognition

We’ve always know that we have a rich history at HPRC. This has become even more obvious as we’ve received many requests for donations to be made “In Honor of…” or “In Memory of…” someone, so we’ve worked with a local sign company to design a Recognition Board which will list all of our donors (unless they request not to be recognized). This is a great way to recognize our donors and for you to sign on to be a part of the exciting future of HPRC.

Naming Opportunities

We do have Naming Opportunities available beginning from $500 and going up from there. Please contact Barbara at the HPRC office for more details, (806) 499-3429.

Phase 1 – Key #’s


42% – the amount raised to date


50% – the amount needed to apply for other grants


what’s left to get to 50%

369 people

# of people needed to sponsor 5 sq. ft. to reach $437,500


the cost to sponsor 5 sq. ft.

Building for the Future

Under the leadership of the Board of Directors and Executive Director, High Plains Retreat Center continues pursuing their goal of boosting camp usage by providing a positive camp experience through excellent visitor services and improvements to the retreat center. A phased approach has been adopted to accomplish these goals. Read the full Case for Support and Potential Naming Opportunities.

Phase I Swimming Pool and Pool House

Phase II Covered Sports Court and Activity Barn

Phase III Conference Center Addition and Pond

Phase IV Lodges and Endowment

Pool Fund

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Welcome to the Retreat Center

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